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402 Main St. / PO Box 470 • Friendship, WI 53934 • Phone (608) 339-4202 • Fax (608) 339-4584 • Click HERE to email

Jani Zander, Treasurer

Tina Williams, Deputy Treasurer

KP Samson, Deputy Treasurer

Welcome to Adams County!

The County Treasurer's Office is dedicated to serving the public and other government units in the most friendly, efficient, and effective manner possible. The County Treasurer's Office collects second installment and delinquent real estate taxes, collects all county revenues in addition to research and issuance of tax deed applications. Our office is the holder of tax records and assessed values. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, excluding most holidays.

Initial Real Estate Tax information becomes available online at, usually mid to late December.


The DECEMBER/JANUARY payments are collected at your LOCAL municipality.

Payments made to the County office for these payments will be returned to be sent to the correct payment entity! If you are not sure who/where that is, please click on the Municipality Treasurer link listed on the next paragraph. Thank you!


Municipality collected tax payments will not be imported into our online system until after February settlement. If you are looking for 2018 tax year payments, please come back and check out our website AFTER February 15. Hopefully all will be updated or close to it by that time. If you need to know if the Real Estate Tax has been paid prior to the import, please contact your Municipal Treasurer. Thank you!

Tax Information Online

Online access to geographic, tax and assessment information is available here.

Property Taxes

For general information regarding tax billing and payments, click here

If you have a change of address, click here. Fill out our form, you can send it back via e-mail, fax or the U.S. Postal Service.

If sending in via e-mail please email us at:

If sending Via Fax please fax us at: 608-339-4584

If sending via postal please send to the following address: Adams County Treasurer • P.O. Box 470 • Friendship, WI 53934

On-Line Payment Option

You can now pay your taxes on line by credit card through GovPayNet. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. See information in next paragraph before making payment.

This link is for second installment payments made after February 1, and delinquent taxes. Any current year tax payments made prior to February 1 need to be made to the local municipality. Please refer to your tax bill for correct information. The County Treasurer’s Office does not have access to post these payments. Any payment made to this website for current year taxes will be returned to the taxpayer to be sent to the correct collecting entity. Per WI State Statute 74.69, a payment must made to the correct collecting entity to be considered timely.

Per Adams County Management Policy, Adams County does not do credit card transactions via phone. Please use the website listed to make your payments, should you choose to use your card. If you have any questions you may contact our office. Thank you!

Tax deeded Property Sales

For information regarding tax deeded property, follow the link on the left side of the screen.

To have a listing sent to you, the form needs to be filled out sent in via the postal service or e-mailed.

Click Here for the form.

If sending in via e-mail please email us at

If sending via postal please send to the following address: Adams County Treasurer • P.O. Box 470 • Friendship, WI 53934

Dog Licensing

Per WI State Statue 174.05, dogs should be licensed on a yearly basis. Dog licenses expire December 31 of each year.

Per Adams County Resolution 5-2008, tag fees are set at $8.00 for spayed/neutered and $13.00 if not. Each year, proof of current rabies certificate and evidence of alteration is mandatory to issue the tags. Tags may be obtained at the County Treasurer's office. [Note: City of Adams does their own registering.]

Kennel Licensing is available with the correct paperwork from the zoning department. Fees are $35.00 for up to 12 dogs, $3.00 for each dog there after. Kennel Tags may be obtained at the County Treasurer's Office.

Late Fee is applicable after April 1st of each year at a charge of $5.00/dog.


Any property owner whose property is also their primary residence, and has been for minimum one year, qualifies to apply for the lottery credit. If you are not sure if you have one, you can check on your tax bill or contact our office. If you do not have one, please click on link below, print/fill out form, and return to our office.

Wisconsin Dept of Revenue Lottery Credit Forms

For more information on the Lottery and Gaming Credit, please click on the link below.

Lottery and Gaming Credit Overview

Price List


$1.00 per page.

Screen Prints-

Screen prints of parcel tax information are $.25 per parcel.


Photocopies are $.25 per page.