Children & Family Services

Children & Family Services

108 E North Street

Friendship, WI 53934

Phone (608)339-4505

To report Child Abuse/Neglect Call 608-339-4505

Foster Care:

Every day foster families in Wisconsin make an incredible difference for children living in foster care by providing safe and caring homes for children. Family foster care and treatment foster care are designed to be temporary placements for children when their parents cannot care for them. Over 5,100 foster homes across the state care for almost 8,000 foster children each year. There is an ongoing need for foster parents, especially those who can care for sibling groups, teenagers and children with disabilities. To become a foster parent or get more information, call 608-339-4505 and ask to speak to the foster care worker, Tina Smith or email her at


Kinship care is a program designed to help support a child who resides outside of his or her own home, either temporarily or for the long term, with a relative (such as an adult brother or sister, a first cousin, a nephew or niece, an uncle or aunt or a grandparent, among others). Please contact Tina Smith for more information at 608-339-4505 or email

Community Response Program:

The Community Response Program works in partnership with families to reach identified goals such as learning new parenting skills and finding housing and other community resources. It is a preventative approach to help families with everyday stressors by providing assistance or by connecting families with resources in the community. The Community Response Program is funded by the Children’s Trust Fund. Call 608-697-7854 for more information about this program.

Youth Justice Services:

Youth Justice Services serves as the entry point for youth referred to this agency for delinquent and status offenses, most often by law enforcement and schools. Intake workers screen cases for jurisdiction; complete assessments; make recommendations to the court and monitor Deferred Prosecution Agreements and court orders. Families can be referred for counseling services, parenting classes, mentoring services and community service projects. For more information please call 608-339-4505.

Manager Contacts

Kelly Oleson

Health & Human Services Director

Email (608)339-4323

Donna Richards

ADRC Manager

Email (608)339-4251

Kay Saarinen-Barr

Behavioral Health Manager

Email (608)339-4389

Cindi Flynn

Economic Support Manager

Email (608)339-4364

Wendy Pierce

Fiscal Services Manager

Email (608)339-4333

Leah Eckstein

Public Health Officer

Email (608)339-4376

Diane Osborn

Long Term Support Manager

Email (608)339-4334

Erin Schiferl

Children & Family Services Manager

Email (608)339-4356

Ruth Horndasch

Support Services Coordinator

Email (608)339-4308

Sherrie Manning

Practical Cents Manager

Email (608)339-2278