Economic Development


Created in 1993, Adams County Economic Development (ACED) has strived to make Adams County a better place to work and do business by helping to coordinate and direct economic development activities in Adams County, Wisconsin. Today, we have the same goal that we had when we started: to create as many new viable business opportunities and jobs as possible, and to make sure that our existing businesses have all the necessary tools for expansion available to them.  


Adams County has undergone an encouraging transformation in recent years. ACED offers innovative financing packages to assist new and existing businesses in start-up and expansion. We take pride in our proactive approach to seeking out new businesses. We are an aggressive participant in development projects, going far beyond the reach of other counties in our involvement in economic development. Adams County has many resources available for businesses that are wise enough to locate or expand here.

Looking around the county you will find everything from new golf courses being constructed to state of the art dairy farms that milk thousands of cows every day, and everything in between. Adams County truly is a great place to live and work, and ACED is always seeking out ways to make the county better for local businesses. A recent economic development study, completed in conjunction with the North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, has given ACED new ideas to explore and new goals to strive for as we make Adams County a great place to do business.

Adams County Economic Development

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Friendship, WI  53934

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