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Planning and Zoning Administrator

Dustin Grant

Building Inspector/Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer/Sanitarian

Joe Jackson
Rich Jackson


Janene Harper

Hannah Landon

The intent of the Planning & Zoning Department and the P&Z portion of Adams County Code is to regulate lot coverage, population density, to protect & preserve prime agricultural land, secure safety from fire, panic, flooding, pollution, contamination and other dangers, to stabilize & protect property values, preserve & protect natural and man-made aesthetic characteristics of the County, maintain safe & healthful water conditions, prevent flood-caused damages, promote health & wellness & general welfare of Adams County, provide & protect a variety of suitable commercial and industrial sites, uphold State of Wisconsin statutes & Adams County Code, provide certain minimum standards, provisions & requirements for safe & stable design, methods of construction, & uses of buildings to protect and foster the health, safety and well-being of persons occupying or using such buildings, upholding Wisconsin Administrative Code, provide for the administration & enforcement of P&Z's portion of Adams County Code and provide penalties for violation of P&Z's portion of Adams County Code.

It is necessary to find out the zoning of any parcel in question before looking up ordinances.

Directions For Looking Up Zoning

Do Not Print Forms or Permit Packets Two-Sided / Back-to-Back

Do Not Print Forms or Permit Packets Two-Sided / Back-to-Back