Foster Care

Foster Care in Wisconsin

Adams County foster parents provide a home to children and youth who are unable to live with their families due to issues of abuse or neglect. A foster parent works with the Department and the child's family to help achieve a safe and permanent living situation for a child, hopefully with birth family or other relatives whenever possible.

In addition to significantly impacting the life of a child in need, Adams County foster parents are provided with monthly compensation, reimbursements, training, professional support and guidance, access to the Wisconsin Foster and Adoptive Parent Association and are assigned access to a social worker 24 hours a day so that they can best meet the needs of children placed in their care.

Types of Foster Care Placements & Foster Parent Responsibilities

All Adams County Wisconsin Foster parents are licensed in the same manner but there are different functions which they perform, such as:

Emergency Placement - Foster homes who provide emergency placement are "on-call" to take children into their homes 24 hours per day. Placements are typically 30 days of less.

Concurrent Placement - Foster homes who provide concurrent care agree to work with the social worker and birth parents in returning the child to the birth parents' care, but agree to consider adoption of the child if a return home is not deemed possible by the courts.

Sibling Placements - Foster homes who agree to take sibling groups together.

Fostering Independence - Foster home who agree to take on teens aged 16-18 and help them develop life skills for independent living. Foster parents who specialize in working with older teens agree to assist young people in such matters as goal setting, and positive communication as well as concrete skills such as seeking employment, cooking, and money management.

Respite - Foster homes who provide care temporarily, only a few days at a time to give other foster parents a break.

Foster Parent Licensing Process

There are several elements involved in becoming an Adams County Foster Parent:

Filling out an application, getting references and police checks

Attending and completing foster parent orientation

Meeting with a licensing consultant to complete a home study and a foster family assessment

General Eligibility

Adams County Wisconsin Resident

At least 21 years of age

Individual or couples

Have a separate bedroom available for a child

Being willing to help provide a stable environment for a child in your home

How to Apply - Contact Information

If you are interested in becoming an Adams County Foster Parent you may call (608)339-4505 or email Foster Care for more information.

Contact Information

Tina Smith, CSW

C/O Adams County Health & Human Services

108 E North Street

Friendship, WI 53934

Phone (608)339-4505

Click Here to email

Link to State of Wisconsin Foster Care Website

Other Opportunities

If you are unable to provide foster care, but wish to contribute to Foster Care in Adams County, you may do so via any of the following:

Provide a scholarship

Offer on-the-job- training for teens

Provide transportation

Offer discounts

Offer dental care

Donate baby supplies

Offer free music, karate, dance, etc. lessons

Donate gently used or new duffel bags or backpacks

Donate new fleece blankets