Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a camping reservation?

Reservations can be made online at If you have any questions please call the park(s) directly – Petenwell Park (608) 564-7513 or Castle Rock Park (608) 339-7713. Reservations are accepted on a first come basis beginning Jan. 1 for the current year. A minimum two night’s stay is required with a maximum of 2 weeks stay.

Is water and electricity available at the campsites?

Most sites have water &/or electricity on site

What amenities are available at the campgrounds?

Playground, swimming beach, boat launch, concessions, game room, heated/shower restrooms 24/7.

Do the Parks have a dump station?


Am I allowed to go into the Park and use the dump station without camping at the Parks?

Yes, a $5 dumping fee is required

Are the parks open year round?

Castle Rock and Petenwell are open year round with heated shower/ restroom facilities available 24/7. Hwy 21 public access is open year round. All other day use parks are closed November 1 – April 15. 

Is there a fee to enter the Parks?

Yes. A per vehicle day use fee is required. A season sticker is also available that adheres to your windshield and is valid April – April and includes all Adams County Parks/public accesses.

What Parks are included in the Adams County season sticker?

Arrowhead, Sherwood, Camelot, Petenwell, Big Roche-A-Cri, Castle Rock, Patrick Lake, Mason Lake, Jordan Lake, Crooked Lake, and the Hwy 21 Launch.

Is the STATE PARKS sticker valid at Adams County Parks?

No; a valid Adams County Parks pass is required for county owned facilities which require a user fee.

How do I make a boat slip reservation?

Seasonal boat slip reservations are made by calling Petenwell Park 608 564 7513 or Castle Rock Park 608 339 7713 directly. Reservation request begin at 12am January 1st. Daily, weekly and monthly boat slips cannot be reserved; they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is there a separate boat launch fee?

No the park sticker fee includes the boat launch use.

Do the Parks have boats to rent?


Do the Parks rent campers or cottages?


Can I bring my own firewood into the campgrounds?

We follow the state guidelines, click the link to learn more

Do the Parks sell firewood at the campgrounds?


Are groceries available to purchase at the campgrounds?

Very minimal, mostly snacks, soda, water, wood , ice

Is it okay for my friends to camp on my campsite?

No – one family (i.e. parents/minor children) per campsite. Two adult couples would be two campsites. Minor children are welcome to camp in a separate camping unit (tent) from parents on parent’s campsite.

Are minors allowed to rent /camp at campsites without adult at the site?


Are golf carts allowed in the Parks?

No. Only licensed vehicles/motorcycles are allowed. 

Do you have handicapped fishing docks at the Parks?


Do you have specialized handicapped playground equipment?


Do you have a pool(s) at the Parks?


Do you have Lifeguards on Duty at the Parks?

No, swim at your own risk. Designated swim areas located at Castle Rock, Petenwell, and Arrowhead (day use park) Parks.

Are any recreational programs available through the Parks Department?


Are pets allowed in the Parks?

Yes; however they may not be left unattended and must be on a leash at all times and “quiet”.

How do I rent a shelter building for a celebration/event?

Shelter reservations are accepted beginning January 1 on a first come basis for the current year by calling the Parks Administration office at 608-339-4230. Shelters are available at Arrowhead County Park, Castle Rock County Park, Patrick Lake County Park, and Petenwell County Park.

What amenities are included with shelter building rentals?

Picnic tables or folding tables inside and picnic tables outside shelter, refrigerator(s), electrical outlets, counters, charcoal grills outside shelters. Sinks/water not available in shelter buildings. Restrooms nearby. Shelter rental includes free park entrance (no day user fee) for your guests.

I want to get married and hold my reception at the Park, is that possible?

Yes pending shelter availability. Quiet hours for Park still apply - amplified speech is prohibited.  

May I bring alcohol into the Park? 


May I serve alcohol to my guests in the shelter building?

This probably depends on your guests, but yes open consumption of alcohol is allowed.

I want to hold a non-profit fundraiser (such as a pancake breakfast) at the Park. Is this allowed?

Yes with Park Manager approval and shelter building availability. Standard park shelter rental fee still applies. 

I want to hold a non-profit fundraiser and sell alcohol at the Park? Is this allowed?

Yes with Park Manager approval and shelter building availability. Non-profit group(s) must also provide the Parks Department with a Certificate of Insurance for their event and must also have the necessary license to sell alcohol. 

I am "for profit" and want to sell food or any type of products to the public in the Parks. Is this allowed?


Where do I make a compliant or if I have a concern – who do I go to?

Ask for the Park Manager at the Petenwell or Castle Rock Park Office Building or for Outlying Parks/Public Accesses contact the Administration Office at 608-339-4230. 

May I drive my ATV/UTV in the Parks?

No. Petenwell Park is developing an ATV/UTV campground area that will have direct access to the ATV/UTV trail. 

Are ATV/UTV's allowed on snowmobile trails?

No. They are separate trail systems. 

Where may I park and unload my ATV/UTV and get on the trail?

There is free parking by the Monroe Prairie Recreation Area Trail Head on Badger Avenue in the Town of Rome.

May I drive my ATV/UTV on any Adams County roads?

No. Some roadways are open to ATV/UTV’s and those are signed – if no signage no ATV/UTV’s allowed.

When do the ATV/UTV trails open?

May 19 – Nov. 1 annually. Road routes are open year round.

Where do I get information on Dyracuse Off-Road Park/Recreation Area?

 Call the Town of Rome at 715-325-8013.

Where may I unload/load my snowmobile and have immediate access to snowmobile trail(s)?

Castle Rock and Petenwell Parks are designated load/unload snowmobile areas with immediate trail access. 

How do I find out current snowmobile trail conditions?

The most up-to-date Adams County snowmobile trail conditions may be found by calling the Parks Administration office at 608-339-4230 and choosing the trails information line. A recorded message with trail openings/closures and trail conditions is updated as conditions change. (It is not updated daily/just as needed.)

How do I get an Adams County snowmobile or ATV/UTV trail map(s)?

Maps are available at various businesses around the County. You may also get one by calling the Parks Administration office at 608-339-4230 or the Chamber of Commerce at 608-339-6997.

Where may I rent a snowmobile or an ATV/UTV in Adams County?

No rentals available.

Where do I call for lodging information for Adams County?

Chamber of Commerce at 608-339-6997.

I am not from WI but want to come snowmobile in Adams County – what do I need to do?

You will need to purchase an out-of-state sticker for your snowmobile. Your snowmobile also needs to be registered/licensed in the State in which you live according to that State’s requirements.