Standing Committees

  1. Standing Committees Organization:

    1. In the event the Chair leaves the position of Chair during the term of office, the Vice Chair shall assume the Chair position and an election shall be held to elect a Vice Chair for the remainder of the term.

    2. A majority of the members of any Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

    3. The Chair of each Committee shall report to the County Board of their Committee activities as requested at County Board meetings.

  2. General Duties:

    1. At the first organizational meeting, the Committee shall elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and recorder of the minutes.

    2. Review and recommend the annual budget for County Departments.

    3. Review of Department financial reports for each of the County Departments within the Committee’s oversight

    4. Direct and guide Policy and accountability of the Departments within the Committee’s oversight.

    5. Approve items including but not limited to:

      1. Departmental budget with a written one (1) year plan of operation to include goals & expectations

      2. Departmental policies and procedures

      3. Staffing levels and hours

      4. Grant applications and acceptances

      5. Establishing Departmental fee schedules

      6. Establishing Departmental short and long range goals

    6. Approve and bring forth intergovernmental agreements and contracts as necessary or as otherwise authorized by law

    7. Approve and bring forth resolutions and ordinances for action by the County Board