Used Oil & Filters

Used Oil - Filters - Absorbents

State law requires individuals, farmers, businesses, commercial or industrial facilities, and other organizations to properly dispose of used oil, filters and absorbents in order to keep this valuable material out of the landfill.

Used Oil - No Fee for Residential

Used motor oil or cooking oil never wears out it only gets dirty. Properly disposing of used oil means the oil will be cleaned and refined back into new motor/cooking oil.

We accept used oil, filters and absorbents at our drop-off during normal operating hours.

Use a dirt-free container with a leak-proof lid. Do not use containers that previously held household chemicals, and do not mix with solvents or other material such as anti-freeze. Oil mixed with other materials are considered hazardous waste.

Used Oil Filters - No Fee for Residential

Filters from motor vehicles such as:

  • cars

  • trucks

  • buses

  • motorcycles

  • snowmobiles

  • forklifts

  • tractors

  • ATVs and UTVs

Used Oil Absorbent Materials

The oil absorbent ban includes materials used to absorb petroleum-derived or synthetic oil that has been used or spilled.

All types of materials used to absorb or contain waste oil are covered under the ban, including:

  • granular kitty litter-type absorbents

  • oil-dry cloths

  • rags

  • wipes

  • paper toweling

  • absorbent pillows, pads and socks

An exception is made in the ban to allow the disposal of up to one gallon of oil absorbent materials from a non-routine spill. A gallon of material is the amount that would fit inside a dry gallon container.