Recycling Away From Home

 Special Events - Work Place 

Special Event Recycling

State and local laws require recycling both at home and away from home. All events and gatherings must provide ways to collect cardboard, aluminum cans & bottles and glass or plastic bottles. Such events include fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting competitions, conventions, reunions, weddings and other gatherings outside of the home.

With a little advance planning, event organizers can arrange to collect recyclables, reduce waste, save on disposal costs and even generate income.

Local governments that allow the use of or lease their buildings and grounds for festivals or other events must provide for recycling collection either by doing it themselves or requiring the organizers of the event to recycle. 

Recycling at the fair

Event Recycling Bin - Loan Program 

It’s easy to recycle at your event with Clear Stream recycling bins.  The clear bags help reduce contamination from trash and capture 95-99% of your recyclables. 

Call our office for more details on loaning our event bins for your next event (608) 339-9178 or email us at