Sharps Disposal

Sharps (needles, syringes, lancets)

To reduce public health risks, Wisconsin law requires all residents to dispose of sharps properly.

It is illegal to put sharps in the garbage or with recyclables.

Sharps that are improperly disposed of pose a significant safety risk of accidental needle-sticks for sanitation workers and recycling sorters. Children and pets are also at risk for needle-stick injuries when sharps are not disposed of properly.

Anyone accidentally stuck with a needle requires expensive medical testing. Potential diseases such as Hepatitis or HIV are a concern. Needle-stick injuries are a preventable health risk.

Adams County's Sharps Collection Program:

  • Sharps containers are available at the Adams County Solid Waste Office

  • Sharps containers are $15/small (1 gallon) or $20/large (2 gallon) which includes disposal when you bring the container back to the office when full.

  • See our sharps brochure for more info