Latex Paint Disposal

Latex Paint

Latex paint, sometimes referred to as water based paint, is not hazardous since it is made from water. Consider donating usable paint to friends, neighbors, theater groups or housing assistance organizations.

Latex paint disposal instructions:

For small amounts:

Remove the lid and let dry in the can. Stir the paint occasionally to speed up drying.

For large amounts:

  • Line a box with a plastic bag or use a large plastic pail

  • Place an equal amount of an absorbent material (kitty litter, sawdust, oil dry) into the paint and mix with a stick

  • Dispose of the dried paint and cans in the regular garbage

Oil Based Paint

Oil based paint is flammable and/or combustible and should be disposed of at a hazardous waste collection held every-other-year at the Adams County Landfill & Recycling Drop-Off. The next annual collection will be in May.