Dumpster Rental & Disposal

For your home or business clean-up projects

Rental & Disposal Prices & Policies- Read Carefully!

Initial 7-Day fee includes: Delivery, Pick up & 7-Day Rental

  • The initial 7-Day fee includes: Delivery, Pick up & 7-Day Rental, see price list above.

  • Dumpster rental is for 7 Days ONLY. The dumpster will be picked up automatically on the 7th day. Call our office if you need it longer.

  • Disposal fees will be assessed after the dumpster is picked up and the weight of the dumpster is determined, see above price list.

  • If we arrive to pick-up on the 7th Day and the customer wants to keep it longer we will assess a $50.00 trip fee PLUS the “Additional 7-Day fee” applied, see above price list.

  • Dumpsters kept longer than the 7-Day rental will have an “Additional 7-Day fee” applied, see above price list.

  • Incorrect directions provided by the customer for dumpster placement on the property, that requires a return trip to relocate, will be assessed an additional $50.00 relocation fee.

  • If the dumpster is not picked up by our department due to a holiday, weather delay or equipment failure, the customer will not be responsible for the delay.

  • No price reduction will be given for snow or water weight in the dumpster. To eliminate excess weight, it is suggested the customer cover the dumpster with a tarp, not provided.

  • The customer is responsible to remove snow and/or debris where the dumpster is to be placed before delivery as well as around the dumpster for pick up.