Juvenile Delinquency

Cases involving children who have committed a law violation that would be considered a crime if committed by an adult.


Cases involving children or juveniles who are in need of protection and services.

Juvenile Ordinance Violations (Citations):

Violation of civil or State ordinances.

Restraining Orders Against Juveniles

Temporary restraining order against a juvenile from contacting a specific person.

Your Role as a Parent:

Having parents involved in the juvenile court process is extremely important to the success of the Court’s dispositional order and supervision of your child. Please cooperate with the Health & Human Services Department as they do their investigation and prepare a report to the Court. As the parent, it is extremely important that you attend each court hearing scheduled for your child’s case.

Department of Social Services Involvement:

When your child has been charged with a delinquent act or found to be in need of protection or services (CHIPS or JIPS), the Adams County Health & Human Services Department will assign a social worker to work with you and your child and make recommendations to the Court for the disposition of your child’s case.

All payments regarding Juvenile matters should be sent to:

Clerk of Juvenile Court

401 Adams Street

Suite 14

Friendship, WI 53934-0200

Note: If you need a receipt for any payment, you must provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your payment.

Juvenile Court Hearings:

Detention Hearing or Physical Custody Hearing