Waterway System & Wetland Restoration

Waterway Systems

Wetland restoration reestablishes or repairs the hydrology, plants and soils of a former or degraded wetland that has been drained, farmed or otherwise modified since European settlement. The goal is to closely approximate the original wetland's natural condition, resulting in multiple environmental benefits.

Constructed or left vegetated where gullies have formed from concentrated waterflow. Waterway systems spread out the water so it flows in a non-erosive manner to Adams County water resources. Most waterway systems are planted with introduced grasses, although sometimes they have to be lined with rock because the slope is too steep or space is limited.

Waterway systems can be constructed in both farm fields and/or urban settings.

Grassed Waterway

Grassed waterways help manage water within fields, providing a grassy, contoured channel that can direct water from adjacent cropland slowly into a discharge area. Grassed waterways can reduce the potential for severe in-field erosion during heavy rainfall events.

Rock Waterways