HHS Vision, Mission & Values


To be a leader as a supportive organization to advocate for the preservation, health and well-being of our community.


To provide services that enhance quality of life by focusing on prevention, safety, wellness, and self-sufficiency. In partnership,, we provide a continuum of integrated services that empower by preserving and strengthening individuals, families, and the community.

Core Value Statements - Our guide to accomplish our Vision & Mission for all who enter our doors

  • Treat everyone with respect, dignity and compassion in a confidential manner.

  • Provide a healthy professional environment.

  • Support a positive environment of collaboration.

  • Recognize and advocate based on the uniqueness of our consumers and community.

  • We are leaders and catalysts for change.

  • Embrace diversity of the individual and family.

  • Believe in the support and education of the community.

  • Creatively pursue resource opportunities based on identified needs.

  • Demonstrate integrity through the responsible use of public funds.


Organizational Effectiveness

What is Organizational Effectiveness? Organizational Effectiveness (OE) follows a systemic and systematic process approach to continuously improving performance, performance capacity and client outcomes. Adams County Health & Human Services developed an OE team in 2015 to look to continuously improve the departments performance and client outcomes.

The Adams County Health & Human Services OE team utilizes the DAPIN model to define, assess, plan, implement and monitor specific issues the department is facing. Through this model, strengths and gaps are identified, priority needs are assessed, root causes are determined then remedies to address the issue are recognized and ranked.

Why Organizational Effectiveness?

  • It begins with working collaboratively to determine the why and puts a plan in place for improvement

  • It demonstrates the importance of improvement within the agency and to our consumers.

  • It is a systemic - involves & impacts the entire agency and a systematic - step by step approach system that allows for a consistent way to look at an issue and determine a positive outcome.

  • It provides accountability during the process as workgroups are created to create steps to accomplish the goal set forth by the OE team.

Trauma-Informed Care

Adams County Health & Human Services is currently working to become a Trauma-Informed Champion by realizing the prevalence of trauma, recognizing that trauma affects people differently, learning to say, "What happened to you" instead of "What is wrong with you" and avoiding inadvertent re-traumatization.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services - Trauma-Informed Care