Beach Information

The public beaches that are County owned are monitored every other week during the summer season for E. Coli and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). If closed, there will be signs posted at the beach. Always make sure to pay attention to any signs that are posted. See our Facebook page for up-to-date beach closures and openings. Beaches will reopen when testing shows that E. Coli or blue-green algae levels decline. 

Water conditions can vary throughout the lake. It is important to always use caution when deciding to go in the water or not. Always be sure to wash your hands after coming in contact with water and before preparing or eating any food.

E. Coli and Cyanobacteria (Blue/Green Algae)

  Blue-Green Algae

Signs and symptoms observed during illness are influenced by the types of algae and toxins present in the water, the route and amount of exposure. 

- Symptoms can begin within minutes to hours of exposure 

- Inhalation of water or water droplets may result in sore throat, sinus congestion, cough or difficulty breathing

- Ingestion of water can cause nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting 

Contact with blue-green algae can result in eye irritation, skin rashes, hives or blisters.

If you think you are experiencing symptoms related to exposure to blue-green algae, contact your doctor or the Wisconsin Poison Center right away (800-222-1222). If your pet becomes ill they should be taken to the nearest veterinarian immediately.

If you would like to report a possible illness associated with harmful algae, please notify the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Harmful Algal Bloom program by calling (608) 266-1120 or by filling out an online survey on the Department of Health Services Blue-Green Algae website.


E. Coli infection usually occurs when the bacteria gets into an individuals’ mouth. E. Coli levels in waterways can change rapidly. It is best to always use caution. Keep children who are unable to keep water out of their mouths while playing out of water. Make sure to wash hands well after being in the water and before eating any food.

 Symptoms of E. Coli include:

- Nausea

- Vomiting

- Stomach cramps (abdominal pain)

- Diarrhea that often is bloody

- Fever of about 100 F to 101 F (37.7 C to 38.3 C)

- General discomfort

- Loss of appetite

- Mild dehydration