Coordinated Services Team Initiative

Coordinated Services Team Initiative

The Coordinated Services Team (CST) Initiative is a strength-based, wraparound approach to helping children and families meet their needs. A team is formed by the family and that team meets on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the family's needs. Each family develops their personalized Crisis Response Plan and their individualized Plan of Care. Families remain in the team process until they feel they have successfully achieved their goals.

Goals for families:

  • A family that has a strong voice in assessing their needs and planning to meet those needs.

  • A family that is capable of navigating the system to access the resources they need.

  • A family that has ownership of and ability to coordinate all plans for the family members.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A child or youth between the ages of 0 and 21.

  • A resident of Adams County

  • Child must have Severe Emotional Disturbance

  • Must be involved in 2 or more systems such as mental health, special education, youth justice, Child Protective Services or alcohol/other drug abuse.

  • The child or youth must be at risk of out-of-home placement or currently in and out-of-home placement.

  • A willingness to be involved in CST since it is a voluntary program.

To Make a Referral:

Access Social Worker

Adams County Health & Human Services Department

108 E. North Street, Friendship WI 53934

608-339-4505 or 888-830-3454

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