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Adams County Dining Sites

A restaurant-style dining site is available at Roxie's Country Skillet located at 320 S Main Street, Adams

Restaurant-style Dining Site Menu/Hours of Operation

Call (608) 339-4251 for more information.

Open for breakfast/lunch Wednesday through Friday 10:30 am - 1 pm 

All senior dining sites offer nutritious meals, as well as various activities and opportunities to socialize. 

Meals and programs are funded through the Older Americans Act, county funds, grants, and donations. 

 There is a suggested donation of $4 per meal. 

Donations are confidential. 

You are encouraged to donate at a level you are comfortable with. No one will be denied a meal based on contributions. 

Adams Dining Site 

Please call 608-339-4251 for more information.

Adams Community Center - 569 N Cedar Street, Adams (608) 339-4251

Serving Lunch 12:00 pm Monday through Thursday - Call the day before to order

Monthly Dining Site Menu

Adams County Home delivered meals

Phone number for Home Delivered Meals  (608) 339-4251

Email for Home Delivered Meals Email

Home Delivered Meals Guidelines