Elder Abuse

To report an Elder-at-Risk, please contact the Adams County Health & Human Services Department between 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday at (608) 339-4505. To report an Elder-at-Risk after hours, please contact the Adams County Sheriff's office at (608) 339-3304. In an emergency, please dial 911 for immediate assistance.

Call the Aging Division at (608) 339-4251 to report potential cases of elder at risk.  


Elder at Risk - any person age 60 or older who has experienced, is experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or financial exploitation. (Wis. Stat. §46.90(br))

Elder Abuse - per Wis. Stat. §46.90(1) can mean any of the following:

Physical abuse - intentional or reckless infliction of physical pain or injury, illness, or any impairment of physical condition.

Emotional Abuse - language or behavior that serves no legitimate purpose and is intended to intimidate, humiliate, threaten, frighten, or otherwise harass the individual to whom the conduct or language is directed.

Sexual Abuse - sexual contact or intercourse with another person without consent (a violation of criminal assault law, §940.225 (1), (2), (3), or (3m)).

Treatment without Consent - the administration of medication or the performance of psychosurgery, electro-convulsive therapy, or experimental research on an individual who has not provided informed consent, with the knowledge that no lawful authority exists for the administration or performance.

Unreasonable Confinement or Restraint - the intentional and unnecessary confinement of an individual in a locked room, involuntary separation from his or her living area, use of physical restraints, or the provision of unnecessary or excessive medication. (Note: This does not include the use of these methods or devices if they conform with state and federal standards governing confinement and restraint.)

Caregiver - a person who has taken responsibility for all or part of an individual's care. (Wis. Stat. §46.90(1)(an))

Financial Exploitation - as defined in Wis. Stat. §46.90(1)(ed), means any of the following:

Obtaining an individual's money or property by deceiving or enticing the individual.

Forcing, compelling, or coercing an individual to give, sell at less than fair market value, or in other ways transfer money or property against their will without informed consent.

Theft, as prohibited in §943.20.

The substantial failure or neglect of a fiscal agent to fulfill his or her responsibilities.

Unauthorized use of an individual's personal identifying information or documents, as prohibited in §943.201.

Unauthorized use of an entity's identifying information or documents, as prohibited in §943.203.

Forgery, as prohibited in §943.38. 7. Financial transaction card crimes, as prohibited in §943.38.

Financial transaction card crimes, as prohibited in §943.41.

If you believe someone you know is being abused, neglected or financially exploited, you can call 608-339-4505.  Your identity is kept confidential by law and cannot be disclosed pursuant to a court order.  When you call, you will be asked what happened, when and where it occurred, and the name of the elder or adult at risk.

Here are several questions you are likely to be asked. Remember, you are not required to know all the answers:

The name and address of the adult at risk

The person's age

The type of abuse (what happened that led to your suspicions?)

The name of the caregiver or guardian, if any

The name and relationship of the suspected abuser, if any

Anything else you think it is important to report

If you are unsure a situation warrants an investigation, contact the ADRC/Aging at (608)339-4251 with questions

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