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A Statewide, nonprofit Public Service of the State Bar of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Lawyers.


Legal Assistance

The State Bar of Wisconsin is here to help you decide where to turn.

Call our toll-free Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) to talk with an experienced legal assistant who's ready to analyze potential legal problems and help you locate the best source for help.

For added convenience, you can access our new Internet service, around the clock, seven days a week.

No matter how you contact us, you can take advantage of three dynamic services: Lawyer Hotline, Lawyer Referral, and Community Referral.


Maybe all you need is general legal information or an answer to a simple legal questions, such as, "What are the procedures for filing in small claims court?" LRIS will make an appointment for a lawyer to call you back, free of charge, within a few days to briefly discuss your question with you.


When appropriate, we can refer you to a lawyer in your geographic area or elsewhere in Wisconsin who can provide expertise in dealing with your type of legal situation. The first half-hour consultation will cost $20 or less.

When you call to make an appointment, tell the lawyer that you have been referred by LRIS. Be sure to bring all documents and information with you to the first meeting.

In some cases, you'll receive an answer to your problem at the first meeting. If your problem required work beyond the first half-hour, ask the lawyer about fees and payment arrangements. LRIS encourages you to ask for a written fee agreement before you proceed with any legal work beyond the first half-hour consultation.


Maybe you don't need a lawyer. LRIS is familiar with other legal service organizations, government agencies, or community resources that might be able to solve your legal concern. We'll provide you information about resources such as consumer protection, the legislative hotline, low-income legal service, the equal rights division, or other services.

Working With a Lawyer


If your problem will require more work beyond the first half-hour, remember to ask for the lawyer's fees in writing. You do not have to hire the lawyer after the initial consultation. Feel free to find a lawyer with whom you are comfortable. You have hired a lawyer when you agree to allow that attorney to do more legal work for you.


When you call the layer for an appointment, ask what papers you should bring to the first half-hour consultation. Be ready to give the layer all background information relating to the situation. You also may wish to prepare questions to ask the lawyer.


If you do hire a lawyer, don't make unnecessary phone alls to the attorney. Most lawyers charge for the time spent on the phone with a client. Keep a list of all items you want to check with your lawyer and cover them in one phone call or ask them at your next scheduled appointment.


File any material you receive from your lawyer in one place. Your file is often the best way to answer your questions about your case.

LRIS On Line 

It's the middle of the night and your legal situation is keeping you awake. Don't wait until the next business day for the answers you need. Around the clock, seven days a week, you can access our convenient Internet site.

If you're sure you need a lawyer, go to and click on "Need a Lawyer?" Follow the step-by-step directions, and you'll get the name of a lawyer who meets the criteria you specify.

LRIS Online is easy, fast and convenient.

Take the time to explore to find a wealth of valuable information - everything from tips on hiring and working with a lawyer to answers to frequently asked legal questions.