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  1. Membership: The Land & Water Conservation Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) total members: Five (5) County Board Supervisors, and two (2) citizen members, one (1) of which shall be an Farm Services Agency (FSA) Representative and one (1) of which shall be recommended by the Adams County Lake Alliance and forwarded to the Committee on Appointments for approval.
  2. Oversight. The Committee shall confer and have policy-making responsibilities for the Land & Water Conservation Department and UW Extension Department.
    1. Act with the powers of Chapter 92, Wisconsin Statutes, regarding soil and water conservation and animal waste management
    2. Act as the Land Conservation Committee pursuant to §92.07, Wisconsin Statutes and maintain all ordinances passed and in accordance therewith
    3. Supervision of operation and maintenance of County owned dams
    4. General policy-making responsibilities.
    5. Assist in determining appropriate programs to be provided by the County Extension Department.
    6. Act as the Agricultural and University Extension Committee pursuant to §59.56(3)(b), Wisconsin Statutes.