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  1. Membership. The Health & Human Services Board shall be comprised of nine (9) members, which shall consist of:
    1. Five (5) shall be County Board Supervisors, one (1) of which will be a member of the Administrative and Finance Committee
    2. Four (4) shall be individuals who are not elected officials or employees of the County. These members shall be comprised of the following:
      1. An individual who receives or has received human services, or shall be a family member of such an individual, and who has demonstrated interest or competence in the field of public or community health
      2. A good faith effort shall be made to appoint a Physician
      3. A good faith effort shall be made to appoint a Registered Nurse
      4. No public or private provider of services shall be appointed to the Health & Human Services Board
  2. Term. As required by §46.23(4) (c), Wisconsin Statutes, citizen members shall serve for terms of three (3) years, so arranged that as nearly as practicable, the terms of one-third (1/3) of the members shall expire each year.
  3. Oversight. The Health & Human Services Board shall confer and have policy-making responsibilities, except as provided by law, for the following Departments: Health & Human Services and Veteran Services.
  4. Duties and Responsibilities. Created pursuant to §46.23(5), Wisconsin Statutes, duties and responsibilities shall include but not be limited to the following:
    1. Oversee the Department and assure enforcement of the Health and Human Services Statutes, Rules, and Regulations
    2. Act as the Human Services Board as required by §46.23(5), Wisconsin Statutes
    3. Act as the County Board of Health as required by §251.04, Wisconsin Statutes
    4. Act as the Commission on Aging, advised by an Aging Advisory Committee, as required by §46.82(4)(d), Wisconsin Statutes
    5. Develop Policies and authorize direction and planning for the delivery of all human services; Health & Human Services that meet the physical and mental health, social and economic needs of individuals and families; review the coordinated plan and budget; set priorities on program operations within the funding mechanisms provided by Federal, State, and County Government
    6. Assess the health status of the citizens and recommend Policies that will improve the health status and assure that needed health services are provided
  5. Sub Committees, Boards, and Commissions. All subcommittees shall report to the Health & Human Services Board. The Health & Human Services Board shall be responsible for interaction, communication and recommendations to the County Board with respect to its subcommittees, including: Aging Advisory Committee, Nutrition Advisory Committee, Long Term Support Advisory Committee, and AODA & Crisis Advisory Committee. The Board shall have interaction and communication with theVeteran Services Commission, Central Wisconsin Community Action Counsel, andNorth Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board.

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North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board

Veterans Services Commission