Curbside Collection

Residential Garbage & Recycling

How to prepare material for collection

  • Place all household "garbage" in plastic bags.

  • Place all recyclable materials loosely in your reusable bin/cart. There is no need to separate paper from aluminum, plastic, tin and glass.

  • Do not place "recyclables" in plastic bags and Do not place garbage in your recycling bin/cart.

  • Flatten & cut all boxes to no larger than 3 ft x 3 ft in size.

  • Place shredded paper in a brown paper bag, stapled closed and placed in your bin/cart.

  • Avoid snowplow blowing by keeping your carts/bins inside your driveway apron, behind the line of your mailbox.

  • Place material roadside by 6:00 AM on your scheduled collection day.

If using roll-out carts:

  • All material must fit inside your cart with the lid closed.

  • Place your wheeled cart with the front of the lid facing the road and the wheels of the cart toward your house.

  • Keep carts 4 ft away from obstructions such as mailboxes, utility poles, tree branches and parked cars.

  • Do not overstuff your cart or the cart may not empty completely.

If using reusable bins/cans:

  • All recyclables should be loose and placed in a reusable bin or can.

  • Do not bag, tie or bundle material.

  • Recycling containers cannot weigh more than 30 lbs each.

  • Heavy duty recycling bins are sold at the Adams County Solid Waste & Recycling Office for $10.00 plus tax.

Roll-Out Carts

Reusable Containers

Reusable Bin/Can

What if I have more material than my cart can hold?

  • Be sure to flatten and cut all boxes to 3 ft. x 3 ft.

  • Ask a neighbor if they have room

  • You may bring overflow material to our drop-off site at:

  • 1420 State Hwy 21, Friendship, WI

  • Monday-Friday 7am - 3:00pm. Fees apply for garbage.

See our Recycling Guide for acceptable materials and how to #RecycleRight

Contracted Collection Services

Adams County performs curbside garbage and recycling collection service for the following communities:

Town of Jackson:

North of Hwy 82 - Garbage is collected every Tuesday & Recycling is collected every other Tuesday.

South of Hwy 82 - Garbage is collected every Wednesday & Recycling collected every other Wednesday.

Village of Coloma:

Garbage is collected every Monday and Recycling is every other Monday of the month.

Town of Adams:

East of 11th Avenue - Garbage pickup every Tuesday. Recycling - Every other Tuesday

West of 11th Avenue - Garbage pickup every Thursday. Recycling - Every other Thursday


Garbage is collected every Wednesday and Recycling is every other Wednesday.

Adams County Solid Waste & Recycling

1420 State Road 21

Friendship, WI 53934

(608) 339-9178

Email for information