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Administrative & Finance

County Board


  1. Membership.  The Administrative & Finance Committee shall be comprised of (5) five County Board Supervisors;
    1. County Board Chair
    2. First (1st) Vice Chair
    3. Second (2nd) Vice Chair
    4. Two (2) appointed County Board Supervisors at large
  2. B. Oversight.  The Administrative & Finance Committee shall confer and have policy-making responsibilities for the following Departments: Corporation Counsel, County Clerk, County Treasurer, County Manager/Administrative Coordinator, Personnel and MIS.
  3. C. Duties and Responsibilities.  Shall have oversight of the County Budget and transfer of funds per the County Budget and Accounting Polices and be consistent with §65.90 of the Wisconsin State Statutes, as they may be amended from time to time.
  4. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. Examine all claims against the County
    2. Provides oversight for all routine County financial matters including review and approval of:
      1. Audit reports
      2. Investments
      3. Insurance policies, bonding
      4. Contingency funds, and
      5. Recommends budget amendments to the County Board
    3. Review on a monthly basis, the Treasurer’s report on County investment activities pursuant §59.62, Wisconsin Statutes
    4. Evaluate and make recommendations to the County Board on the issuance of new debt, refinancing existing debt, and authorizing debt repayment
    5. Approve the implementation of a five (5) year technology plan for the County 
    6. Review and update all computer and technological policies annually
    7. Review and update budget and accounting policies annually
    8. Review and recommend salaries, benefits and compensation structure for all county personnel.
    9. Maintain a level of communication with the Drainage Boards
    10. Introduce Policy Resolutions that are not the responsibility of another committee.
    11. Communication and liaison between all committees, municipalities and government units, to work out problems of mutual concern.
    12. Hear policy violations and/or potential issues that may result in litigation.
    13. Develop short and long range plans for the County.
    14. Set parameters, goals, and give Policy directions to the Corporation Counsel and Personnel Director on collective bargaining issues.  Prior to any contract being submitted to arbitration, the Corporation Counsel and Personnel Director shall meet with the Committee and discuss the status of negotiations and receive further direction.
    15. All proposed union contracts shall be submitted to the Committee and County Board for final approval.
    16. General policy-making responsibility for parks, trails, lake access areas, and recreation property operated, maintained and developed by the County to provide adequate and safe facilities for all users following the five (5) year recreational plan.
    17. Assist in determining appropriate programs to be provided by the Recreation Program
  5. Sub Committees, Boards and Commissions: 
    1. Health Insurance Committee.  This is an advisory Commission not a policy-making Commission.  The purpose is to find ways to reduce costs of health, dental, vision, etc insurances for both the county and the insured employees.  Recommend plan design and cost to the Finance Committee.  The quorum for the Health Insurance Advisory Committees be established at five (5) members.  Membership to include:  two (2) County Board Members that are appointed by the board and each department head or their designee.  (Res. #100-2014)
    2. Rural Industrial Development Commission.  This is an advisory Commission not a policy-making Commission.
      1. Membership.  The Rural Industrial Development Commission shall consist of seven (7) members that reflect the diversity of needs within the County.  The Commission shall consist of representatives from the following and shall be appointed by the Committee on Appointments and approved by the County Board:
        1. Adams Columbia Electric Cooperative
        2. Adams County Board Supervisor
        3. Adams County Banks
        4. Local Business Community
        5. Towns
        6. City of Adams
        7. Village of Friendship
        8. Ex-Officio members include:
        9. President of the Village of Friendship
        10. Mayor of the City of Adams
        11. All Chairpersons of all Town Boards within the County
        12. Adams County Executive Director of the Chamber
      2. Duties and Responsibilities.  Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
    3. The Rural Industrial Development Commission shall elect annually a President, Vice-President, Recorder of the minutes, and Treasurer.
    4. Act pursuant to the Rural Industrial Development Commission, Inc. bylaws approved by the County Board
    5. Revolving Loan Fund.  This is an advisory Board, not a policy-making Board.
      1. Membership.  The Revolving Loan Fund shall be comprised of the Board of Directors of the Rural Industrial Development Commission.
      2. Duties and Responsibilities.  Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
        1. Serve new and expanding businesses in Adams County