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Waste Disposal Options

Solid Waste

Reduce: the amount of waste material you produce by buying smart-buy in bulk and don't buy products that have hard to dispose of items.

Reuse: what you can yourself or with friends and neighbors.  Examples would be to reuse plastic and glass jars for storing other materials. Use for decorating or craft projects

Recycle: the required items.  There is a very long list of materials that can and should be recycled. All local waste programs have recycling available for corrugated cardboard, plastic bottles, containers, and jars, glass bottles and jar, office paper and junk mail, newspaper, and magazines. Waste oil, antifreeze, batteries, appliances, tires, scrap metals, and fluorescent light bulbs can be brought to the Adams County Landfill and Cycling Center at 1420 Hwy 21 where the material is safely recycled.  Hazardous waste can also be saved safely in your home until there is a County wide Household Hazardous Waste Clean-Sweep program which have been held every few years.  You can contact the local County Solid Waste Department at 608-339-9178 for information on options available in your neighborhood.

Compost: yard and garden trimmings which include grass clipping, leaves, garden debris, eggshells, coffee grounds, pieces of newspaper, vegetable kitchen scraps, etc.  Brush can be chipped and used as mulch or decorative bark.

Landfill: what little material is left. After you have reduced, reused, recycled, and composted your waste materials there is actually very little left that needs to be landfilled. Landfill is preferred over the burn barrel because when you burn you release toxins and poisons into the air that we breath.  The ashes are usually dumped on the ground and when it rains these same toxins and poisons are washed, or leached, into our drinking water supplies.  In the landfill there is nothing burned and the leachate is collected and treated safely at the wastewater treatment facility.

Many local townships provide garbage and recycling containers for these items or you can bring all these materials directly to the County Landfill at 1420 Hwy 21. There are also some private haulers in the area that will pick up door to door if you wish.  You can contact the local County Solid Waste Department at (608) 339-9178 for information on options available in your neighborhood.

THERE IS NO NEED TO BURN ANYTHING AS THERE ARE OTHER SAFE, LEGAL, OPTIONS TO THE BURN BARREL.  You might have to make a little effort, or pay a little money, to take care of your waste materials properly, but it is worth it to the environment to put out this extra effort. We will all be happier and healthier if we do.