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Transfer Sites & Jackson/Coloma Pick-up Schedules

Solid Waste

Pick Up Schedules 
Town of Jackson -- Curbside Pickup:  Contact Town Chair George Benish at (608)586-5644 or the County Landfill at (608) 339-9178. Township of Jackson  2019 Calendar

Village of Coloma -- Curbside Pickup: garbage every Monday and recycling every second Monday of the month. Village of Coloma 2019 Calendar

Village of Friendship -- Curbside Pickup: Clark Disposal picks up curbside garbage every Tuesday and recycling every 3rd Tuesday. Call 339-3243 for more information

Transfer Drop Off Sites

Household/Residential Garbage/Trash ONLY
SMALL Loads of Construction & Demolition Debris
Small Furniture Items
(Some Town Drop-Off Sites Accept other items—
Please Contact Your Town Representatives for More Information)
Click here for more information

Adams Township: Recycling container at the Town Hall, 1980 11th Ave., the 2nd weekend of the month: Saturday 1pm-5pm and Sunday from 9am-1pm.

Big Flats: 1154 11th Ave. (North of Buttercup) on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-4pm all year. Also, Wednesday 1pm-6pm and Saturday 9am-4pm in the summer between daylight savings time.

Colburn-Richfield: Richfield Town Hall on Cumberland and County G. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 9am-5pm year round.

Easton: 1163 County Road A, on the fourth Saturday if the month 10:00am to 2:00pm

Leola: 172 Aniwa Lane, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am-4pm year round.

Lincoln: 4th Ave, 1 mile north of County Road M. Saturday 10am-3pm year round. Wednesday 4pm-7pm until daylight savings ends.

Monroe: 958 18th Ave. (North of County Road C) Sunday and Wednesday 11am-5pm year round.

New Chester: 547 County Road A (East of County Road B). Saturday 9am-2pm year round. Sunday 11am-2pm (May 1st-September 30th)

New Haven: East side of G about halfway between P and Gillette Ave, Saturday 10am-2pm year round. Also, Wednesday 5pm-7pm from June 1st-Septemeber 30th.

Preston: 1315 13th Lane, Saturday , Sunday and Tuesday 9am-1pm.

Quincy: 1837 Dyke Drive, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-3pm and Monday 10am-12pm year round. Also, Wednesday 5pm-7pm May through October.

Rome: 1371 Apache Ave., summer hours are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm. When daylight savings time ends (November 2nd) closing hours will be at 4pm.

Strongs Prairie: 1955 Cumberland Ave (West of County Road Z). Saturday and Sunday 1pm-4pm, Wednesday 5pm-7pm (April 15th- September 30th). Saturday and Sunday 1pm-4pm and Wednesday 2pm-5pm (October 1st-April 14th)

City Of Adams: Curbside garbage pick-up every Thursday. Recycling is every other week on Thursday. Done by Clark Disposal.

Village Of Friendship: Clark Disposal Garbage is every Tuesday. Recycling is the 3rd week of the month.

Jackson: Pick-up for garage north of 82 is Tuesday. Recycling is the 1st Tuesday of the month. Pick-up for garbage south of 82 is Wednesday. Recycling is the 3rd Wednesday of the month. See top of page for a calendar.