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Ordinance #1-1994 Recycling Ordinance

Solid Waste

the Recycling Ordinance States:  All garbage placed on the curb or taken to a drop off location must be in CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS.  This si to allow inspection of your bags.  The hauler or drop off site attendant has the RIGHT to reject, or leave at the curb, and solid waste for the following reasons:

Garbage not in clear plastic bags
Recyclables mixed with garbage
Dirty Recyclables (all recyclables must be clean and dry)

Enforcement:  The Adams County Solid Waste Department, any authorized officer, employee, or representative, including town officials and drop off site attendants, has the RIGHT to inspect your recyclable materials to make sure they are properly prepared and sorted.  They also have the RIGHT to inspect your trash to see if recyclables are not being separated.

No person may refuse access to any authorized representative who requests access for the purpose of inspections.  No person may obstruct, hamper or interfere with such inspections.

Any person who violates a provision of the Recycling Ordinance may be issued a citation and required to forfeit not less than $92.30 (including court costs), not more than $1310 (including court costs), for each violation.

Complete Adams County Recycling Ordinance

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