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Frequently Asked Questions

Parks & Recreation

How do I make a camping reservation?

Do the parks have permanent campsites?

Is water and electricity available at the campsites?

What amenities are available at the campgrounds?

Do the Parks have a dump station?

Am I allowed to go into the Park and use the dump station without camping at the Parks?

Are the parks open year round?

Do you have off-season camping rates?

Is there a fee to enter the Parks?

What Parks are included in the Adams County season sticker?

Is the STATE PARKS sticker valid at Adams County Parks?

How do I make a boat slip reservation?

Is there a boat launch fee?

Do the Parks have boats to rent?

Do the Parks rent campers or cottages?

Can I bring my own firewood into the campgrounds?

Do the Parks sell firewood at the campgrounds?

Are groceries available to purchase at the campgrounds?

Is it okay for my friends to camp on my campsite?

Are group campsites available at the Parks?

Are minors allowed to rent /camp at campsites w/o adult at the site?

Are golf carts allowed in the Parks?

Do you have handicapped fishing docks at the Parks?

Do you have specialized handicapped playground equipment?

Do you have a pool(s) at the Parks?

Do you have Lifeguards on Duty at the Parks?

Are any recreational programs available through the Parks Department?

Are pets allowed in the Parks?

How do I rent a shelter building for a celebration/event?

What amenities are included with shelter building rentals?

I want to get married and hold my reception at the Park, is that possible?

May I bring alcohol into the Park? 

May I serve alcohol to my guests in the shelter building?

I want to hold a non-profit fundraiser (such as a pancake breakfast) at the Park. Is this allowed?

I want to hold a non-profit fundraiser and sell alcohol at the Park? Is this allowed?

I am "for profit" and want to sell food or any type of products to the public in the Parks. Is this allowed?

Where do I make a compliant or if I have a concern – who do I go to?

May I drive my ATV/UTV in the Parks?

Are ATV/UTV's allowed on snowmobile trails?

Where may I park and unload my ATV/UTV and get on the trail?

May I drive my ATV/UTV on any Adams County roads?

When do the ATV/UTV trails open?

Where do I get information on Dyracuse Off-Road Park/Recreation Area?

Where may I unload/load my snowmobile and have immediate access to snowmobile trail(s)?

How do I find out current snowmobile trail conditions?

I am not from WI but want to come snowmobile in Adams County – what do I need to do?

How do I get an Adams County snowmobile or ATV/UTV trail map(s)?

Where may I rent a snowmobile or an ATV/UTV in Adams County?

Where do I call for lodging information for Adams County?