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Streambank & Shoreline Protection

Land & Water Conservation

Streambank & Shoreline Protection

Vegetation, rock, or structures used to stabilize and protect the banks of streams, lakes, estuaries or excavated channels against scour and erosion and reduce sediment delivery to the water body.

Ginter Tree Farm Streambank (AFTER)
ginter tree farm streambank protection

Petenwell Lake Shoreline
BEFORE                                                          AFTER
Before1  After1

Castle Rock Lake Campground Shoreline
BEFORE                                                        AFTER
DSC03075 DSCN1705

Quincy Town Shoreline
BEFORE                                                       AFTER
DSC02539 DSCN0165

Bio Logs Erosion Control

Bio log erosion control is an effective method to stabilize shorelines, reinforce slopes, control erosion, or act as a check dam to control silt. 
Designed as an environmentally-friendly product, these biodegradable coir logs have an exterior manufactured with a bristle coir twine net and an interior packed with enriching coconut fiber. Designed to enhance the environment they're placed in, coir logs are photodegradable, or easily decomposed by sunlight. As they biodegrade, the nutrient-rich fibers strengthen the existing bank and encourage the area to establish deep root growth. 

Features of Erosion Control Logs:
- High tensile strength, which protects vulnerable steep surfaces from the constant pressure of heavy water flows
- Allows for full plant and soil establishment, natural invasion, and slope stabilization
- Provides an excellent miroclimate for soil, acting as mulch on the surface and as a wick on the soil mantle
- Safe for surrounding wildlife

- Stabilization of Riverbanks and Streams
- Controlling sediment on Shores and Slopes
- Check Dams

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