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Stream Monitoring Volunteer Program

Land & Water Conservation


Adams County LWCD has a volunteer program that monitors twelve streams located in the county.

Adams County is fortunate to be served by twelve teams of environmentally interested and committed volunteers who conduct monthly visits to nearly 50 stream sites throughout the County from April to October each year. They systematically monitor, sample, record and report data such as date and time of visit, dissolved oxygen levels, pH levels, transparency/clarity (turbidity), water levels (flow), water temperature and general weather conditions.

The data gathered is then entered into the DNR's Surface Water Integrated Monitoring System (SWIMS), a database managed by the DNR for gathering, storing and allowing public access to detailed stream information/data for monitored streams throughout the entire state. This data is utilized by citizen advisory groups as well as by local, state and federal agencies for management of water quality and stream environment. These parameters are basically physical/mechanical/chemical in nature.