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Coordinated Services

Health & Human Services

108 East North Street
Friendship, Wisconsin 53934-9943
Phone (608)339-4505
FAX (608)339-4585                                                                                                                                       
24 Hour Emergency (608)339-3304
911 to reach the Sheriffs Office

 Family Care PowerPoint Presentation

Manager Contacts
Name Title Email Phone
Kelly Oleson  Director  Click Here  (608)339-4323
Donna Richards  ADRC Manager  Click Here  (608)339-4251
Kay Saarinen-Barr  Behavioral Health Manager  Click Here  (608)339-4389
Cindi Flynn  Economic Support Manager  Click Here  (608)339-4364
Wendy L. Pierce  Fiscal Services Manager  Click Here  (608)339-4333
Leah Eckstein  Public Health Officer  Click Here  (608)339-4376
Diane Osborn  Coorindated Services Manager  Click Here  (608)339-4334
Erin Schiferl  Children & Family Services Manager  Click Here  (608)339-4356
Ruth Horndasch  Support Services Coordinator  Click Here  (608)339-4308
Sherrie Manning  Practical Cents Thrift Store Mananer  Click Here  (608)339-2278