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General Lister/Land Information

County Treasurer


402 Main St., PO Box 470
Friendship, WI 53934

 Informational Links:
  Equalized Values Overview
 Property Assessment Appeal Guide
 Guide for Property Owners

2019 Adams County Assessors


Real Property Lister Forms:
House Number Application Form(fillable)
Separate Tax Bill Informational Letter
Request form for Separate Tax Bills
Secondary Use Agreement

Price List:

Ownership Search-
If the applicant requires the Real Property Lister/Land Information personnel to compile the needed information for a hearing notification, there is a search charge for this service. This would include a print out of the information.

Initial Parcel Location $5.00
Each Additional Parcel Location Needed $1.00
Copy of Map $5.00 

Digital Data-
Assessment Digital data will be billed out at a rate of $40.00 per half hour minimum, billed in half hour increments. All requests for digital data require pre-payment. There is an additional $5.00 handling and shipping charge applicable to all orders delivered via mail.

Entire County Assessment Reports on CD is $80 & Delinquent Tax Reports $40.00 on paper 0r CD.
Tax Information Digital is extra $40.00. This is a separate file created with beginning totals of past year taxes.
If you request a Single township, the rate is $40.00 per half hour.

All requests for digital data must be accompanied by an original, signed secondary use agreement.

Map Copies-

8 ½ x 11 $0.25 per Page

Full Size Tax Map $5.00 per Page

All items (unless otherwise noted) are subject to sales tax. Above prices are subject to change without notice.

Paper Copy-
Paper copy of assessments rolls or cross-reference reports is $.05 per parcel.
All requests totaling $10.00 or more require pre-payment. (If requesting an assessment roll for the whole county to be printed at one time, there is a 75% discount off the total price.)

Screen Prints-
Screen prints of parcel information are $.25 per parcel.

Mailing labels are $1.00 per Page. All requests totaling $10.00 or more require pre-payment.

Photocopies are $.25 per page.